Folkhack Studios

Folkhack Studios (aka "Folkhack") is the personal software development and creative services brand of John Parks in San Diego, California and Eastern Iowa.

Founded in 2012, Folkhack has had the honor of creating a diverse set of extraordinary solutions ranging from an online marketplace for business internet service, to a subscription financial investment platform, and even a high-profile sexual assault awareness website. We create boutique web applications for start-ups, offer creative services/branding, and engineer distributed/scalable hosting solutions on cloud platforms.

We're way more capable than your general web agency - we're your professional partner in establishing your business online, serving your users/customers, and maximizing the return on your web presence.

The client waiting list for Folkhack is largely booked for 2016, but feel free to drop us a line if you would like to work your online solution into the schedule. Or, if you need assistance and have an existing support contract with us we're always happy to help: - Sales - Support